#121 – Market Place Monday

Last week Prin was making a joke about how much shopping I do in world, and how picky I am about things and she decided to issue a challenge.

The challenge shall hereby be referred to as #MarketplaceMondays and the rules are pretty simple, or at least they seem to be until you are actually trying to stay within the 150L$ budget constraint !

#1. The entire outfit must ONLY come from Marketplace purchases. No in world group gifts or events or tag sales. Marketplace only.

#2. The total cost of your outfit can not exceed 150L$.

#3. The ONLY exclusions from the total cost are for the bare minimum avatar components. Body, head and skin are the only things that are not counted into the cost. This means ANYTHING else that you add has to be counted towards your total. Using appliers that come standard in your body or head HUD for makeup or nail polishes or the like are considered to be part of that body part and therefor not included in the total cost.

#4. Gatcha items MAY be used so long as they are purchased only through Marketplace and no cheating and buying them back off your own Marketplace Gatcha account LOL.

#5. This must be an outfit that you would wear on any given day. It can not be a costume, or something that you would not be caught wearing outside of your own home or platform ! You gotta put together something you would be happy to wear in public like normal !

#6. Remember, this INCLUDES HAIR AND SHOES !!!

Since Prin was the one that issued that challenge I made her do hers first ! You can find the list of all her purchases along with their cost below. Since she is a slacker tho she made me to all the writing !

Stay tuned next week to see what I came up with !


Focus Poses – Dirty Alley Backdrop

~ POSE ~

FOXCITY – Stairs (sitting) – 4

~ WORN ~

Body : Maitreya Lara
Head : LAQ – Rebel
Skin : LAQ – Zahra – 4.0
Shoes : YELIZ MESH “TASHI” Boots w. HUD – 50L$
Jeans : MH-Wilma Jeans Collection – 10L
Top : SPIRIT – Akima Top – 15$L
Hair : Wasabi – Jenna #12 Lunar Ombre – 34$L
Ring : 11. lassitude & ennui Heirloom ring gold purple (Maitreya) 20L$
Ring : LIVIA Moon Bento Rings – 1L$
Necklace : amias – ISKARA – black – 5L$

TOTAL – 135L$

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