#123 – Ice Ice Baby

We all know the benefits of a long hot steamy relaxing bath, but sometimes those ice cold ones are the more refreshing, especially when you have a clingy pet in there with you. I know I recently posted about my dislike of sushi, which I told you was not something I was a fan of putting in my mouth… but it is not exactly my mouth this pet is aiming for * grins *

If you would like to get a super fun suction action pet of your own you can head on over to Hentai Fair and pick one up from Spoiled and then be sure and rush over to Whore Couture to get the amazing bathroom scene from Paparazzi which works oh so beautifully with the new sexy pose set from CuCa Designs which will have you crying out for more .. Ice Ice Baby ! The pose set comes with its own modifiable ice bath as well which makes it even more amazing !


Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Luxury Bath 2 @ Whore Couture

* the ice comes as part of the CuCa pose package and was edited in

~ POSE ~

CuCa Designs – Kryo – 4 @ Whore Couture

~ WORN ~

Body : Legacy Body – Female
Head : Catwa – Catya
Skin : DeeTaleZ – Heidi – Eastern
Hair : DOUX – Mishi
Tentacles : Spoiled – Tentacle Body Wrap – Salmon Pink @ Hentai Fair
Nails : RatzCatz – Bento FingerNails v4.2
Rings : Yummy – Sorceress Ring Set
Ring : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Jade

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