#140 – Social Distance Love

So I saw something highly amusing the other day on a Facebook Meme that ran along the lines of a thought that I have had for years.

Now this meme focused on the guys, but lets be real for a minute because females are just as bad about this !

I have always felt strongly that the relationships that start from online chat and lead to a real life in person relationship tend to on average last longer than most relationships that start that way.

Now I am not talking about the “dating apps” that we all know. PoF and SnapChat and similar things are NOT CHAT programs. They are hook up apps, pure and simple, we all know it. Not that there is anything wrong with them, those types of interactions are all well and good for what they are as well.

No, I am talking about the good ol fashioned type it out, talk for hours to someone kinda chat programs, like Second Life that we all know and love.

Online dating and relationships tend to lead to more intellectual and emotional connections than most face to face ones because you do spend far more time talking to someone online than you do on your average face to face interactions.

Yes, there are the horror stories, and the catfish stories that abound with online relationships but those are just as true for face to face relationships as well.

While typing takes away some of the emotional connection that inflection and tone of voice provide, there is also a freedom in typing that personally, I find it alot easier to type some things than to try and speak them out loud. Maybe that is just me.


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