#180 – Wag The Zebra

So much has been going on across this country recently with all the protesting & rioting … and has spread across the world. The cause is a worthy one, and one I support. Yes #BlackLivesMatter ! I am not so much a supporter of the looting that has been going on with it, so let me make that clear.

I will also say that I am a supporter of law enforcement as well. I will not make the statement about how there are ‘good cops and bad cops ‘, because my belief is that in society as a whole there are ‘good people’ & ‘bad people’. It is not specific to one line of work or another, this just happens to be the one in the spotlight at the moment.

I am not one to jump on a conspiracy theory bandwagon, but every time something happens that is as large and wide spread as this has become, I am always reminded of a movie from 1997 called Wag The Dog. In this particular incident, playing the race card made me think of it more of wagging the zebra.

To ‘wag the dog‘ means to purposely divert attention from what would otherwise be of greater importance, to something else of lesser significance.

Wagging the dog is a distraction method, that has been used for a great many years. Politically, it is nearly the go to method for everything. Want to get a bill passed through without alot of attention on the left.. cause a public uproar over something totally unrelated on the right. The use of the media to propagate this method has always been the best and easiest way to do it. A little press leak here, a little slip of information to an eager high profile reporter there, and there you have it.

The trouble with trying to wag the dog these days is that the powers that be, while they may be able to carry some weight with one major media news outlet or another, they can’t do a damn thing about who shoots what and posts it where, with a camera phone. The age of social media has changed the way they must wag the dog, and how well if at all, they can do it. It also means that there is much greater ways to reach the public who may not watch the major news or read the papers these days like there used to be.

With this much massive attention being drawn to a cause that has been well over due to be addressed, my first natural instinct is to ask… okay, so what is it that they don’t want us paying attention to ? What are we supposed to not be noticing. Perhaps I am way off the mark here, I fully agree that I can and am more times than I do like to admit, but I can be wrong.

I see so many people bashing and banning and blocking others who do not agree with their own views on things, and perhaps I will get some backlash for that, perhaps I will get people to look in the other direction to see what is going on outside the current ‘ targeted focus’, maybe you will just like the picture and move on. I am entitled to my opinions just as everyone else. Like it or not, it’s mine.


The Bearded Guy – Darkside Backdrops – Zebra

~ POSE ~

Ebano Poses – Glamorous-F1(MIRRORS) @ Unik June

~ WORN ~

Body : Legacy Body – Pregnant
Head : Genus – Strong Face GIFT001
Skin : 7 Deadly Skins – BERRYS – Pineapple
Ears : PUMEC – Wings Byak Byak
Hair : NavyCooper – Macchiato – Blonde
Hat : veyard – TH01 anti hat @ The Darkness Event June
Glasses : Deep Static – Examiner’s Spectacles @ We Love Roleplay June
Top : OA-MEO – Kara @ The Darkness Event June
Pants : Hexed – SINsations Leggins @ The Darkness Event June
Nails : EMarie – Mix&Match Coffin CHROME – Grayscales
Tattoo : Mister Razzor – Bella Tattoo @ Beauty Sales Event
Ring : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Jade
Lipstick : LIVIA – Nora Lipstick 2

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