#278 – The Total Package

So yesterday Kait posted something on Facebook about “Being naked with shoes on feels more naked than being totally naked” with a little comment about “Depends on the shoes … Not sure naked with mudd boots has the same effect … lol”. Well, while this was not issued as a challenge, I decided to take it as one, because, I am me!

Once I logged in and went about searching for the perfect pair of boots for this self imposed challenge, I started rethinking my decision. More than that, I realized that I was doubting my choice to do it because of how it would effect how others see me. It was in that moment that I had a very loud ” What The Actual Fuck Prin ? ” epiphany.

Over the course of my existence, there have been more than a few different versions of who I am. Some of you have heard about, or met, a couple of those versions. The hardest skin for me to shed has without a doubt been Princess McSlutMuffin. Yes, for those unaware of that incarnation, that was the name that I went by for a very long time, not just in Second Life. Over the past few years, since the coming out of the DiD closet and all of us taking on our own accounts and getting the chance to really express ourselves, as ourselves, I have grown up. I have realized who I don’t want to be anymore, and my overly promiscuous attention seeking behavior was and is very large portion of who I have learned I do not wish to be known for anymore.

Who I was, and how I was, is not something that I tend to keep a secret or hide away from. Learning to own up to the choices in my past behavior was a big step for me. Its a step I keep taking every day. I do not regret the decisions that I made, I made them of my own free misguided will. I own them. I am not proud of many of them, but I don’t regret them. They all lead me to where I am now, knowing what I don’t want to do again. Those were good lessons.

The spot I found myself in tonight, when I was self doubting a spur of the moment choice to do a naked picture in nothing but a pair of boots, was not one I had expected to have. I literally sat here at the computer in a bit of shock at my own self. It was in that sitting that I realized that in my attempts at being this new better me, I was forgetting that I am still, at my very core, ME !

I am a flag flying member of the freaky kinky club. I can talk about sexual topics of all flavors for hours and still be able to flip on a dime and talk about music, art, movies, philosophy, recombinant DNA, the use of aborted fetal tissue in vaccines, and a shitload of other topics.

I was doubting myself, because I was suppressing and trying to hide a part of myself that made me feel almost ashamed, of myself. THAT, is NOT me. That has never been me and all be damned if I am going to let it become a part of me now. I am stronger than that.

So, this is me. Butt ass naked wearing nothing but muck boots and a smirk. I am also still the smart ass intelligent woman that I am very proud to be growing into. I am both, I am all. I am the total package, lord help you all !



~ POSE ~

Foxcity – Ground Sits Volume 2 * modified

~ WORN ~

Body : Legacy Body – Female
Head : LeLutka – River
Skin : The Skinnery – Demi
Nose Fix : Izzies – BOM Nose Fix
Hair : Magika – Gemma
Boots : HAZEL – Galoshes – Green
Tattoo : DAPPA – Keijo
Glasses : Deep Static – Marley Glasses
Rings : Yummy – Justine Rings

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