#01 Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

So there I was , innocently sipping on my morning coffee and scrolling through Flickr when I came across the new Anya Collar from Salt and Pepper. O.. M…G… MUST have ! There were major grabby hands going on and I could not log in fast enough to go get it !

As it turns out …. that collar was made to match the current Gacha items that Salt and Pepper have made for The Gacha Guardians. So I figured … what can it hurt to play this one a couple times and see what i get right ? Ha! 1500L$ later, I have both Rares and most of the other stuff ( and a bunch of spares by the way up on MP ha ha ).

While diamonds will never take over the best friend slot with me, because that spot is reserved for goats… they are rather pretty to look at !

Salt & Pepper : Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

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