#02 – Where’s My Passport ?

I belong to a photo challenge group, and this time around we were given a randomly selected Country , and I got India ! So the first thing I did was head over to Zaara and pick me up one of the most stunning lehenga ever !

So now that I was suitably dressed, I headed out to be all touristy ! First stop was the spice market, because India .. spices … food ! There was a rather large bull wandering around, but I was quickly informed that cows are considered FRIENDS not FOOD ( much like my own thoughts on goats ! ).

After my stroll thorough the market I came out into a pretty little patio area and much to my surprise there was this elephant just standing there and I had to go and introduce myself. She was beautifully painted in shades of gold and she was rather friendly indeed ! I tried quite persistently to get her to just hide in my suitcase so I could take her home with me , where she could live so very happily with my hippo and goats and other assorted critters, but sadly I was unable to persuade her to leave her home.

So with a tearful departure I waved goodbye to the pretty elephant and packed up the other goodies I found on my adventure and headed home ! I may not have gotten to bring her home, but I shall never  forget the elephant that stole my heart in India !

Location : Zaara Mainstore Sim

Body : Maitreya
Outfit : Zaara : [Mesh] Chandni lehenga olive
Jewelry : aisling. Karishma Chokers {Gold]
Jewelry : aisling. Karishma . Plastron Necklace {Gold}
Jewelry : aisling. Sadhana Bracelets
Jewelry : aisling. Karishma . ChainBindi & Tears {Gold}

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