#53 – Taking Out The Trash

So exactly one year ago, as Facebook so reminded me this morning, I had a conversation with one of my most dearest friends and SL Live Performers, Savannah Rain that started like this :

Sav : I need to sort my inventory!!! how do I do that???
Me : First thing you do is cancel all shows for about a week minimum ….

I then proceeded to give her my best and most sage advice on how to go about this most annoying and dreaded task that we all face in our SL lives, Inventory Organization. I know there are alot of other bloggers and vloggers who have covered this topic, but this is mine ! 

Step 1 :  Get yourself a NICE bottle of something strong to drink and ALOT of coffee…

Step 2 : Make a hair appointment to have some extensions put in or get fitted for a wig whichever you prefer.

Step 3 : Sit down and take a BIIIIIG drink outta the bottle , forget the glass all together.

Step 4 : Set your filter on your inventory to ONLY show Notecards,  then proceed to delete EVERY god forsaken notecard that creators think they need to stick in their boxes for some godforsaken reason. Unless it is instruction for something complex, it goes !

Step 5 : Then ya do the same thing for Landmarks.

Step 6 : Then ya do the same thing for Textures.

Step 7 : Now the scripts.

Now that you have cleared out about 90% of your inventory because its all crap you can actually start to sort the real STUFF and you are gonna want to take another week off of work while ya do that part.So go get another bottle, cuz you are gonna need it. Call and make another hair appointment cuz you prolly already pulled all that out already. Sit down and take another BIIIG swill from that bottle, cuz here we go … 

Step 8:  Set your filter to objects and then type in the search box the names of ALL the bodies that you don’t wear, since you don’t need anything but the fitted version for the body you DO wear ! 

* Most Commonly Used Body Word Searches  *
Maitrya , Lara , Slink, Physique, Hourglass, HG, Belleza, Isis, Freya, Venus  Large, Medium, Small

It was at this point that Savannah sat there like a deer in the headlights and saying :

Sav : omgah, this sounds complicated !
Me : We have not even gotten to the ” Organize ” part ! This is just the ” clean out the junk we don’t need ” part ! 

Fast Forward one year later, and she is still working on the cleaning out part !  

~ WORN ~

Head : LeLutka – Simone
Skin : DeeTaleZ – Jolie – EASTERN
Eyes : Ikon – Triumph – Storm
Hair : Truth – HoneyAna
Top : Blueberry – Knotted Tops – Purple
Jeans : Riot – Harper Jeans – Blue30 Distressed
Shoes : Vale Koer – Usagi Trainers
Glases : GOS – Custom Eyewear – SCT
Tattoo ( Arms): ATI – Quinn…
Tattoo ( Legs ) : ATI – Zyra

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