#68 – But First … Coffee

” First we drink the coffee, then we do the things ” this is what should be the unofficial motto for Music Speaks Management Troy and Elsbeth ! It is highly accurate, and sage advice. I can only imagine what would happen without it…visions of Agatha showing up to what she thought was a burlesque adult venue only to have the LM send her to a PG rated birthday party that should have been for Melly and Melly standing at the burlesque event in fluffy bunny costume ! Kristin ( Toxie ) and Porter would be landing at events a week early ! Phi Mayo would be duel streaming with Erik ( can we actually make that one happen ??? ) Collin and John Hogman would be showing up for female only shows ( wonders if THEY would complain about that tho … ) and Cori would be scratching her head wondering why everyone was expecting SassyNitely Barb ! So, it is a really good thing that we know to coffee first and do the things after !

On a more serious note tho, I would like to take a minute to personally thank all of the amazing artists that have taken this giant leap of faith with us. I won’t lie, all three of us are scared shitless and running around like chickens without heads for the last week. Being scared is a good thing, it reminds us that we need to pay extra attention to do the very best job that we possibly can for you all. Your trust in us to do that very thing has been awe inspiring and deeply humbling. I know some of you have not really known me long, or at all for some of you even, but please know that even if you never see me, because Beth gets all the good hours ( joking ) that I am working hard in the overnights and early morning hours to make sure that Troy and Elsbeth are able to do their parts more effectively for all involved.

For those that have shown such amazing support to us in this venture, thank you. Sometimes just a small word of encouragement goes a long way when we are pulling our hair out ( thank god we can hide that in SL ).

So, lets get this party started shall we ? Well… after the coffee 🙂


:: ANTAYA :: Donuts mesh
. peaches . Tap That App – Laptop and Books
:: cute as fuck :: Letter Board – Coffee
[ zerkalo ] True Love – Small Mannequin Dressed

~ WORN ~

Body : Maitreya – Lara
Head : LeLutka – Chloe
Skin : Glam Affair – Ashley – Jamaica
Hair : Truth – Reyane – Blonde
Top : Maitreya – Bali Boho Blouse – Blue-Grey
Panties : Maitreya – Hipster – Basics Sage
Coffe Mug : [ Fetch ] Sippy Mugs – Coffee (Designer Bags)

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