#80 – That’s What I’ll Be

Dedicated to my Family
Every Single One Of You

I’ll be that shelter in the rain
if you say you need a sunny day.
Then I’ll be that sun when you need it to shine
And I’ll move mountains and lakes,
if you say that they’re in your way
Just like the stars I’m your light when it’s too dark to see
Just say the word and I’ll be whatever you need
And know that you’ll always have me
That’s what I’ll be …

That’s What I’ll Be – Chester See


hive // modular modern farmhouse kitchen
:: cute as fuck :: Letter Board – Coffee
Zooby Standard Highchair Set 03
Zooby Sippy Cup Design
Zooby Cereal Bowl

~ WORN ~

  • Aryn & Paxton
    Zooby Animesh Babies
    Zooby Animesh Hair Mohawk
    Zooby Animesh Hair Mini Buns
    Zooby Animesh Onsies ( Designs by Zooby )
  • Kaitlyn
    Body : Maitreya – Lara
    Head : Genus – Classic
    Hair : Truth – Apple
    Skin : DeeTaleZ – Juliet – Eastern
    Glasses : [Gos] Custom Eyewear – SCT
    Top : Giz Seorn – Scarlett Top [Cream]
    Jeans : Blueberry -Natalia Jeans – Flares
    Rings : Meva – Julia Bento Rings – Gold
    Coffee Cup : floorplan. coffee cup / custom RARE
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