#105 – A Good First Impression

We are always told about the importance of making a good first impression. By far this is rather good advice for most people in most situations. I, however, am not most people !

So what happens when the first interaction that you have with someone new involves you sending them nipple lasers and a stripper pole? This could go one of a few ways, depending on the person. When that person happens to be PICKLE aka lollipoplace, the results are amazing ! Even tho she declined to partake in the nipple laser stripper pole dancing in public with strangers ( so far ) that first meeting, her reaction to it made me be the profile perv that I am and found out a couple things right off the bat !

#1 was that I was already following her on Flickr ( you should too.. you can do that here : Pickles Flickr !

#2 is that she has a kick ass blog ( that you should go look at as soon as you finish reading mine, and can do that here : Kaleidoscope ) !

It was this second thing that grabbed my attention the hardest, because at the very top of her blog are the words #MentalHealthMonday. As most of you know, this is something that hits rather personally at home for us here at Clique This, and so I dove right in and proceeded to read every single one of the 10 posts tagged as such. I was hooked !

A couple hours later, after reading everything I had an overwhelming NEED, yes it was a physical NEED to message this person and tell her just how awesome and BRAVE I thought she was. ( I also sent her a puppy because … puppies ! )

Some people may think that spilling your emotional guts out in a blog is attention seeking but let me tell you, FUCK OFF, if that is your opinion on the matter, because simply put, opening ones self up emotionally HURTS.

You are opening yourself up and exposing the soft underbelly to anyone who cares to take the time to read, the fear of knowing that there may be people who end up being hurtful over what you have to say, and saying it anyway.

We faced that fear in 2018 when we made the choice to stop hiding away in the DiD closet and went public about who, and what, we are. It was a gut wrenching decision, but one that we have not once regretted.

Seeing Pickle posting so frequently, and openly about her own mental health journey reminded me of how many times I have started a post with alot of writing, only to backspace it and just leave a song lyric that comes close to expressing what I really wanted to say.

I don’t think I have ever been as happy about IMing a complete stranger than I am about that one. As it turns out, Pickle is even more awesomesauce than my first impression of her thought. We have alot in common, and once we started talking that night, it was almost painful ( and curfew breaking ) to have to stop to sleep.

It also turns out that we have a very awesome mutual friend, who means alot to us both, and her and I connecting, got the two of them to reconnect again as well. Have I ever mentioned how much I love happy people ? Well, I do ๐Ÿ™‚


anxiety %goodnight ( edited )

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Ears : Swallow โ€“ Pop Pixie Ears
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Rings : RealEvil โ€“ Quinn Rings
Collar : Cae :: Protected
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Panties : Sauvage – Selena – Panties – Pink
Nipple Rings : VAW – XTC Nipples ( modified )
Glitter : Cynful – Stripper Body Dust

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