#106 – Learning Curves

I have an affinity for learning new things. I am a firm believer that learning should be a life long process. We should endeavor to learn something new every day, even if some days it is something as simple as the fact that the mating ritual of argonaut octopuses is for the male to simply rip their sperm loaded penis off and give it over to the female and swim away, or as hysterical as the fact that koala bears sound like pigs ? ! Who knew ? ! There was a time I didn’t know these things, maybe you didn’t before reading this , now you do !

So in my never ending quest for learning, I have decided to start playing around more with in world lighting options other than simply using windlights and adding the rest in photoshop. I am stepping outside my comfort zone, and finding that it isn’t quite as complicated as I once thought. Is it easy? Nope, its not, but I am enjoying seeing what different settings can do.

Today’s picture is the result of windlights plus my newest toy the FAC BodyLight v1.0. I also picked up the ShadowLightsUltimate from the same creator, but I decided to work with one new thing at a time for the sake of my sanity !

I really like these lights ! I am still getting used to positioning and adjusting the brightness, radius , falloff etc.. but there are some amazing videos on You-Tube that help with figuring these settings out as a general idea even if they are not this tool specific, they really help !

I know that there is a much more costly option for attachable lighting, but given how unsure I am just how much I am going to use them, I opted for the less expensive option to learn with, and quite honestly, I think this really packs a huge punch and does quite alot of the same things as I have seen the more pricey option having. I already have my posing HUDs from PoseAnywhere that I adore so that really is not something I need another tool for. I am sure the other option is quite amazing and perhaps one day I will invest in one myself, but for those of you who are also looking to step into the world of inworld lighting options, I would suggest giving this one a try !

The other tools of the trade that I could not live without anymore are my pose adjusting tools. I do have both the AnyPose and Animare. Both tools have their pro’s and cons, and I find that I use both equally depending on the situation. I do find the Animare to be easier for posing others using the guest HUD option since it allows me to adjust more than one person at a time. The AnyPose only allows multiple person posing if they are actually on the AnyPose stands themselves, and not using the puppet feature. Since I do alot of client work with couples and groups, being able to adjust multiple people with a premade pose is a huge plus for me.


P.0.E – Classroom Skybox
P.0.E – School Supply Kit ( assorted )
Naughty Blackboard
Focus Poses – School Notebooks

~ POSE ~

Focus Poses – School Chair – Pose 3 ( modified )

~ WORN ~

Body : Maitreya – Lara 5.0
Head : Catwa – Catya
Skin : DeeTaleZ – Heidi – Eastern
Hair : DOUX – Nansi Hairstyle
Ears : Swallow – Pop Pixie Ears
Glasses : Deep Static – Oliver Glasses
Ring : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring Jade
Rings : RealEvil – Quinn Rings
Collar : Cae :: Protected
Watch : RealEvil – Per Sempre Couple Watch
Skirt : Blueberry – Juju – Pleated Skirts
Top : Mossu – Payton Shirt – White
Tie : Cynful – Take Note Tie

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