#112 – That’s The Way I Like It

I woke up from a nap earlier to a surprise pressie from my Wifey Dos Jenny Anatine. Her timing was more perfect than she could have realized because I had been wondering what to wear for my post tonight and woop woop there it was !

I have just recently gotten the Legacy female body and have not really played around with it much other than getting my skin and shape and all the basics taken care of. Tonight was my chance to see just what all this deformer stuff was that comes with the Legacy body that is supposed to allow you to continue to wear your non Legacy clothing with it.

This top from Noir is currently available at FameshedX and is only made for Maitreya, and rather than swap over to my Maitreya body to shoot it I decided to play with the deformers, and see what happened.

As you can see, the fit is pretty damn good ! I could not really tell the difference in fit at all. I decided to continue the test and wear all Maitreya fitted items on my Legacy body for this one.

I really am impressed with the versatility of this body, the fit on everything was amazing. I had to use the alpha HUD for my legs with the thigh high sneakers but that is what the HUD is for anyway !

Overall, I am really happy with the switch to Legacy. There are a couple things I am a little sad about, the biggest one being that there is not a just hands deformer to let me continue to wear my Maitreya rings. They have one for feet to let you wear other bodies shoes, it would be rather nice to have the same option for hands.

There are a few ring sets available from Yummy, which are made for Legacy and I picked this cute Sorceress set from the main store.

The other thing I am finding trouble locating is more nail polish options other than what is available in the Legacy HUD itself. I am not one for wearing the super long nails that seem to be the trend for nails these days, so having more applier types for Legacy would be nice, so if anyone knows of any stores that are making those please let me know !


The Bearded Guy – Los Banos – Sporting Spark

FAC – Body Lights

FOXCITY – Projector Light – Thin Stripes (Rez)

Animosity – Projector 10 ( gift )

~ POSE ~

CuCa Designs – Pleasure Principle v2 – F04 – Mirror

~ WORN ~

Body : Legacy Body – Female

Head : Catwa – Catya

Skin : DeeTaleZ – Heidi – Eastern

Hair : KUNI – Ashley

Top : NOIR – Gwen BF TankTop – Sperm ( FameshedX )

Panties : Belzebubble – Alpha Panties – Selena

Sneakers : Reign – Thigh High Sneakers – Retro Fishnets

Rings : Yummy – Sorceress Ring Set

Ring : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Jade

Glasses : MULLOY – Sphiro Glasses

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