#126 – The Scent Of A Memory

Eric Church sings ” Funny how a melody sounds like a memory … ” but the same is true for smells.

For me, the smell of witch hazel and lavender will always remind me of our great grandmothers big cast iron claw foot tub that you could sink down into and the witch hazel and lavender oil that she always put in the bath water. It is a very ‘happy place’ memory, and one that makes me smile every time I happen to smell either of those two scents.

When I took today’s picture, I was not intending for it to be a #SystemSunday post, but this seems like as good a time as any to talk about triggers.

That flashback to a happy memory that we all experience from time to time from a scent, or a song, or anything else, is a trigger. We all have them and it is a quite normal thing. The difference between a normal memory trigger and a trauma trigger is the level to which we get ‘taken back’ to that memory. For most, that memory is a flash in your mind and it makes you smile, and you carry on about whatever it was you were doing. For those with PTSD and C-PTSD ( I will get into the difference between those in another post ) those triggers are almost like being teleported back in time to when that memory was made, and we are no longer in the present, we can not just carry on with what we were doing.

For us, as a system, these types of traumatic triggers often result in an emergency unscheduled switch. Usually when the memory that is triggered is one that is closely related to the creation of one of us. Creation memories suck, for everyone.

Not all of us remember the events that ultimately created us, for those of us that do remember, they are not happy memories. None of us were created, because we were having a really GOOD day.

Memories are also a bit different for us, because many of us have ‘memories’ of events that occurred before our own creations ever happened. We like to refer to these memories as ‘home movies’.

If you have ever experienced watching a home movie from someone else in your families vacation, or wedding or other event that you were not present at, you watch it, and you know the people in it, but you are not emotionally attached to the movie itself because you were not there.

It is much like that for us with shared memories, both the good and the bad ones. We are effected by the memory itself, because we know the people involved, but there is a certain level of detachment from the event, because it did not happen to us as an individual.

Sometimes, certain memories are blocked from one of us, or more than one of us, in order to help protect the individual personality from remembering an event that is too traumatic for them to process in a safe way yet. So while some of us may recall an event, others may not.

Regular day to day interactions are a totally other post, because that takes a bit more explaining of how we work on a day to day level. Maybe next week, you will just have to come back and find out 🙂



~ POSE ~

Ebano Poses – Denissa – @ Unik 03/07

~ WORN ~

Body : Maitreya – Lara
Head : Catwa – Catya
Skin : DeeTaleZ – Heidi – Eastern
Hair : Stealthic – Jealousy
Ears : PUMEC – Wings byak – byak
Glasses : Deep Static – Tracy Glasses
Top : Emas Secret – Lolita Sweater – Grape @ Designer Showcase 03/05
Jeans : Blueberry – Unbothered Jeans
Boots : Bumblebee – Bohemian Boots
Necklace : Supernatural – Norma
Nails : RatzCatz – Bento Fingernails – Maitreya
Rings : CULT – Mizzy Rings – Gold @ Fameshed 03/01
Ring : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Jade
Lipstick : Sintiklia – Miracle lipgloss pastels
Eyeshadow : Veechi – Simple Shadow

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