#130 – Pregnancy Cravings and Paranormal Burgers

I never know what to expect when my Baby Daddy the amazing Princess Cori sends me an IM. Sometimes it is for amazingly deep conversations and sometimes it has to do with penis ( to be fair, even our deep meaningful conversations always end up including penis somewhere in the mix ) . Today went a little something like this …

Princess Cori: You wanna get on a pose ball with me so I can take a shot?
Princess Cori: in a chic moda of your choice cause I know you have some
Kaitlyn: I can in a few … and … am not sure I have any recent chic moda
Princess Cori: Doesn’t have to be recent
Princess Cori: actually you know what I’ll get you the top from fameshed
Kaitlyn: I can go get
Princess Cori: bitch I’m already here
Kaitlyn lmfao

So then I go getting all pretty and head on over to sit on this aforementioned ball, and there she is in all of her food gatcha hoarding glory with a booth full of all the best pregnancy craving foods a girl could ask for ! Only, there is something amiss …

Kaitlyn : you look like your sitting there rocking like your having a panic attack because there is a face on your burger
Princess Cori: Muahahhaa

** insert several minutes of playing with windlighting and whatnot **

Princess Cori: I am done whenever you are
Princess Cori: I’m editing now
Kaitlyn: oh im good
Kaitlyn: im going with ” paranormal investigations go a little too far … the ghost in the burger “
Princess Cori: hahaha I love it
Kaitlyn: i flipped through my lights and thats what came up and im like .. wtf are we trying to get EVP readings on dead cow ?
Princess Cori: muahahha

And so that is how I ended up with the picture above. As you can see, there is alot of very technical and in depth things that go into a blogger photo and it is very serious business indeed !


Focus Poses – California – Burger Backdrop
MishMish – The Cute Bear Burger
ChicChica – MilkShake Gacha #7
ChicChica – MilkShake Gacha #13
Hangry – Burger Box – Brown
Hangry – Banana Split – Purple
Junk Food – Sweet Tea Mason Jar
Junk Food – El Taco Box
MishMish – The Cute Bear Burger
Random Matter – Snack Haul – Boba Pile
Vespertine – comfort food – mac & cheese 7
Vespertine – comfort food – fried selection 5

~ POSE ~

Foxcity – But First

~ WORN ~

Body : Legacy Body – Female
Head : Catwa – Catya
Skin : DeeTaleZ – Heidi – Eastern
Hair : Truth – Delirium
Ears : PUMEC – Wings byak – byak
Glasses : Deep Static – Tracy Glasses
Top : ChicModa – Tay Top @ Fameshed
Rings : Yummy – Sorceress Ring Set
Ring : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Jade
Nails : RatzCatz – Bento Nails

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