#142 – Who Said White Was For Virgins ?

We always hear reference to wearing white as having “virginal” or “innocent” look about them, but really what does color have to do with anything? In many cultures around the world, white is no even the traditional color for wedding gowns, virgin or not !

So for anyone out there who thinks they can’t pull off wearing white, or any other color, for any reason, I say do it ! Throw caution to the wind and experiment.

This philosophy is true for many things, including poses !!

In the first image above, I used a pose from CuCa Designs who makes, hands down, my most favorite sexy couple poses ever ! You can see some of them here on my blog, and even more on Flickr for those of you who are not so faint of heart.

Now that pose was originally made as a very yummy Master and submissive pose but for this post I wanted something that offered the perspective of the leash being held by the viewer, not someone in the photo. Now while the pose was not intended to be a solo shot, as you can see, it works very very well as one ! I also did some minor editing of my leg position to give it a bit of a more babygirl cuteness to it, and to show off the socks !

While normally I do very little pose editing for poses that I blog for my sponsors, I wanted to use this opportunity to showcase how a little editing can go a long way, and hopefully get you to look at poses from a different perspective than what may be displayed on the sales poster.

Just as a very demure and casual couples pose can be made racy and sexy simply by what the people posing are wearing, or not wearing, the same is true for what you may see at first glance as a hot and steamy ” too sexy for me ” kind of pose, but with a little editing, and a change of wardrobe, that pose can go from slutty to sensual, or even more PG depending on how you work it.

So once again, be a little daring. Grab those adult and racy poses and see how you can change the feel of it just by some small changes, or alternatively see just how racy you can make what appears to be a casual and PG pose into something spicier ! Consider yourself challenged !

This pose is also by CuCa Designs for the Whore Couture event which is open until the 31st so you still have time to catch if you haven’t already !

Now this outstandingly adorable pajama set from Monomania needed no tweaking what so ever and it comes in 4 options for color. While I chose the white set for this particular set it also comes in black, as well as two lighter pastel options as well.

The entire outfit is included including the stuffie !!! The Pajamas, come as both separate top and bottom as well as all together as one piece so you can totally use them together or mix and match with other pieces from your wardrobe. The oh so cute socks also come with both flat or mid foot options.

While I paired this set up with the oh so cute lace topped stockings, those are not included but you can totally run over to Luxuria and grab a set. They are applier based so they totally work to fit under the mesh socks in the outfit !


FOXCITY x HoS – Photo Booth – Bright Lights (White)
Krescendo – Naughty Box
Star Sugar – Sweet Mess – BDSM
Fapple – BDSM Tool Box – GROUP GIFT
Unicorn Store – Sexy surprise – White
Tartesso Arts – Sensation Naughty Set
Monomania – Sweet Dreams – Plush (Included With Outfit)

~ POSE ~

Pose #1 : CuCa Designs – Listen To Master

  • This is made to be a couples pose but was shot as single person perspective for this photo
  • Arm pose was altered by the animation included with the Stuffie
  • Leg position altered via AnyPose

Pose #2 : CuCa Designs – Kylie – 04 @ Whore Couture

~ WORN ~

Body : Maitreya – Lara
Head : Catwa – Catya
Skin : Amara Beauty – Yvette – beige
Hair : Stealthic – Penance @ New Mainstore Release
Pajamas : Monomania – Sweet Dreams – Pearl
Socks : Monomania – Sweet Dreams – Pearl
Stockings : Luxuria – Lace Trim Thigh High Socks
Glasses : Deep Static – Nora Glasses
Rings : Yummy – Sorceress Ring Set
Rings : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Jade
Nails : Alme – Real French – Glossy
Collar : MangulaMia Strap Necklace
Necklace : Supernatural – Josie Necklace
BOM : IzziesLeLutka – Full Freckles (light) 70%
BOM : Izzies – Blush / Contour Remover 04 (65%)
Applier : Blossom Cosmetics – Friday Night Glitter Eyeshadow
Applier : Sintiklia – Miracle Lipgloss

Hair Bows : DD – Full Permission Bow 2019

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