#144 – I Take You With Me

The other day while Phillip and I were over at Breath of Nature to take the shot for Thursdays post, we were watching / listening to one of the previous Melissa Etheridge live shows that she has been doing from home each day on YouTube.

We decide to take a wander around the rest of the sim and ended up snuggling on the dock for hours talking and watching Star Wars. Just having a lazy snuggly relaxing day.

One of the topics that came up while we were talking that day was how many teeter totters we have in our “yard” that we are constantly working to keep balanced between us. It is that precarious balance of all things in a relationship that keep things stable, or feeling shaky.

For Phillip and I there are alot of things that all take work, and more than a little patience, and alot of give and take from both sides, to make us work.

As most of you know I wear alot of hats in SL alone. MSM owner and manager of 12 of the most amazing performers in SL ( yes, I am biased ), Blogger, Photographer, Occasional Designer … the list never seems to end. It would be easy for me to get lost in work, and it happens more than I like to admit.

Phillip and I also have different aspects of our relationship that need to be balanced. There is a D/s aspect to our relationship, which is a strong foundation but we also make sure that we are keeping the vanilla aspects of our relationship balanced as well. Letting things lean too heavily in one direction or the other , throws everything off. We are more than Sir and submissive, and more than Husband and wife.

There are aspects of both of our Real Lives that make that part of our lives something that needs to be factored in and adds another slew of teeter totters to the mix as well.

Most days those checks and balances even out, one way or another. Some days they go totally balls to the wall ape shit.

We hope for the best, we start each day choosing each other, and end the day choosing each other still. It’s far from easy all the time, and when we are apart, that feeling of longing, and missing each other, just affirms the choice that we make each day, to keep choosing each other.

I had to add this song today, in tribute to Melissa that day, and to Phillip, because no matter where I go … I Take You With Me

Even though I’ve fed my hunger
Even though I’ve named my fear
I’ll never understand it
How the journey led me here
But I have made a promise
That I intend to keep
My love, wherever I go
I take you with me


Breath of Nature

~ POSE ~

03 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Reader’s Pier RARE

~ WORN ~

  • Kaitlyn

Body : Legacy Body – Female
Head : Catwa – Catya
Skin : Amara Beauty – Yvette – beige
Hair : Stealthic – Sultry
Top : MIU – Avril Open Side Top – Tan
Jeans : Addams – Pheobe Capri’s – N33
Shoes : Reign – Arianna Snakers
Glasses : Deep Static – Jordan Glasses @ Men Only Monthly
Rings : Yummy – Sorceress Ring Set
Rings : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Jade
Nails : RatzCatz – Bento FingerNails
BOM : IzziesLeLutka – Full Freckles (light) 70%
BOM : Izzies – Blush / Contour Remover 04 (65%)

  • Phillip

Body : Signature – Gianni
Head : LeLutka – Skyler
Skin : LeLutka – Skyler
Hair : Stealthic – Baron
Jeans : Legal Insanity – Wrynn – Discolored Black
Tattoo : Speakeasy – Flying High
Necklace : !NFINITY – Luca Choker
Ring : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Evan
Sandals : REBELLION – Hamilton Sandals – TMD

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