#150 – The Hellhund And The Hare

A hound started a Hare from his lair, but after a long run, gave up the chase. A goat-herd seeing him stop, mocked him, saying “The little one is the best runner of the two.” The Hound replied, “You do not see the difference between us: I was only running for a dinner, but he for his life.”

Aesop’s Fables

When I first saw this adorable outfit from Monomania, the first thing that came to my mind was the Aesop’s Fable about The Hound and the Hare.

The fable reminds us that motivation is everything, and also a little about things not always being what you think they are, from a bystanders point of view.

This entire outfit today comes from Monomania as a complete set, including not just the jacket, shorts and boots, but the hat, hair and scarf as well.. and even more.. it includes the cute Easter Bunny tray too ! You can find it over at the main store so get to hoppin’ !


The Getaway

~ POSE ~

Ebano Poses – Daniella – 8

~ WORN ~

  • Kaitlyn

Body : Maitreya– Lara
Head : LeLutka – Nova
Skin : Amara Beauty – Kenna – Beige
Hair : Monomania – Bunny’s Invite – Choco
Hat : Monomania – Bunny’s Invite – Choco
Scarf : Monomania – Bunny’s Invite – Choco
Jacket : Monomania – Bunny’s Invite – Choco
Shorts : Monomania – Bunny’s Invite – Choco
Boots : Monomania – Bunny’s Invite – Choco
Ring : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Jade
BOM : IzziesCatwa – Fall Eyeshadow + Liner brown 2
BOM : IzziesLeLutka – Full Freckles (light) 70%
BOM : The Skinnery – Bom Body – Freckles Light

  • Phillip

Avatar : MOR – Hellhund
Skin : The Flying Pony – Twilightstrider
Ears : RUF – Hellhund Floopy Ears
Eyes : The Painted Pony – Egyptian Gold Eyes

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