#153 – Praying To Saint Andrew

Today we are going to have a little bit of a History of Kink lesson, so gather round ye freaky kinksters, for I am about to tell you the tale of the Saint Andrew’s Cross !

Now I am sure many of you are familiar with the staple of any good kinksters playroom, the Saint Andrews Cross. The name comes from the crux decussata (diagonal cross) that Saint Andrew is said to have been martyred on.

The subject is tied at his or her wrists, ankles and sometimes waist, either facing the front or the back. When facing the front, the subject can be teased, while the back-facing position is more often used for impact play like whipping, flogging or spanking.

Some Saint Andrew’s Crosses can be spun around a central axle, turning them into “bondage wheels”. This piece of furniture is easy and inexpensive to make, making it one of the most popular types of BDSM furniture for dungeons of all kinds.

This particular cross that Phillip and I took great pleasure in playing with is actually a rezzable prop included as part of the L&M – BENTO BDSM Corner Bed which is available at the Audacity Event which you can see just behind us. The curtains and the candles come with it as well, making it a particularly excellent addition for any bedroom, playroom or dungeon.

The heels I am wearing ( which actually started the whole ‘ lets test out the bed ‘ portion of today’s post, and the ensuing distraction involved in that ) are AnnBCaM V2 – SANDALS which are also available at the Audacity Event complete with an excellent HUD for color options !

The oh so perfect ribbon anklets that add that touch of ‘see I can be cute AND slutty at the same time’ are from Supernatural so be sure and run over and grab you a set of those too !


L&M – BENTO BDSM Corner Bed @ Audacity Event 04/01

~ POSE ~

L&M – BENTO BDSM Corner Bed @ Audacity Event 04/01

*Cross is a rezzed prop included in the bed menu

~ WORN ~

  • Kaitlyn

Body : Legacy Body – Female
Head : LeLutka – Nova
Skin : Glam Affair – Avril – 06
Hair : Truth Hair – Kare
Heels : AnnBCaM V2 – SANDALS @ Audacity Event 04/01
Anklets : Supernatural – Leila Anklets

  • Phillip

Body : Signature – Gianni
Head : LeLutka – Skyler
Skin : LeLutka – Skyler
Hair : Stealthic – Baron
Necklace : !NFINITY – Luca Choker
Tattoo : Speakeasy – Flying High

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