#154 – Feeling Cute, Might Summon A Demon Later

So, as a blogger, I tend to lean towards sponsors that fit in with my normal every day kind of style. I feel that if I am going to take on the responsibility of showcasing a brand that I want to feel confident that I am going to be able to to so to the best of my ability, and that isn’t a matter of staging and lighting or pose selection. I like to be able to ‘feel’ something in a photo, even if it is just me that is feeling it, but hopefully others get a good vibe from them as well.

I recently became part of the blogger team for the Audacity Event, which is organized by ϯ Ӈєҳγ Łơƙɨ ϯ (shringahex) & ϯ Jєȥ Łơƙɨ ϯ (jezloki), who just so happen to also be the owners of Hexed/LeLoup. When I was accepted for the event team, I was also asked to be a brand blogger for the stores, and I never told Hexy this, but I paused and had to think about that one for more than a minute.

You see, the styles that Hexed / LeLoup put out are magnificent, they truly are, but they are also something that was NOT within my usual comfort zone. So I sat here and honestly was about to give my apologies about not being able to take it on, but something told me I needed to. I needed that push out of the safety of what was ‘easy’, and to push my creativity to try and take what was given, and find a way to make it ‘me’.

I have been so overwhelmed with the support that Hexy gives, every time I put something out, either for the store or for the event, she is right there, being the best confidence cheerleader I never could have imagined ! That goes a really long way, and something she probably doesn’t hear as often as she should. So, thank you Hexy.

And now that I have spilled all of that out for all of you, you can understand why when I logged in one day to see a folder of Coffinpacks, the first words out of my mouth were ‘ what the fuck am I going to do with THESE ???’ .

I am not a coffin girly, or a goth girly, or a backpack girly. So I proceed to go about putting together something that I thought worked pretty well, including the stunning Babucelli Boots from Little Diamond and well, I made coffins look CUTE !

You can head over to the Darkness Event that opens today (April 5th) to grab you one or more of these babies for yourself, as for me.. I have a demon to summon !


The Bearded Guy – The Disco Antro Dark

~ POSE ~

Foxcity – Late Night – 2 (Fatpack Exclusive)

~ WORN ~

Body : Legacy Body – Female
Head : LeLutka – Nova
Skin : Glam Affair – Avril – 6
Hair : Foxy – Maeve
Dress : Grixdale – Apple – Corset Dress & Straps
Boots : Little Diamond – Babucelli Boots – Black
Backpack : Hexed – Coffinpack @ Darkness Event 04/05
Rings : Yummy – Sorceress Ring Set
Ring : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Jade

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