#173 – Baby Got Back

I was so excited when I saw these amazing Lisa Pants show up in my Blogotex from Little Diamond for the Kinky Event because lets face it, they are just seexxaahhhhhhyyyyy ! Add to that the fact that Phillip absolutely LOVES my ass in these pants, no joke !

Given my love of pairing up items from the same event for posts, I ran over to the Kinky Event and played the oh so bootylicious gatcha for this backdrop from The Bearded Guy, and also snagged this perfect pose from Amitie there too !

The hair is the Lynette Rare by Limerence which is at the new round of LOOTBOX and was an amazingly sweet gift from my Princess Baby Daddy Cori Anatine over at A Purple Flower so go check her out too !

Now the story about how she became my Princess Baby Daddy is for another time, but today, I shall tell you the story that goes along with this picture and the title of today’s post !

So, my amazingly talented and gorgeous Princess Baby Daddy was also the officiant as well as the DJ for mine and Phillip’s wedding. As with most weddings, she asked what songs we would like played and Chester See – Baby Got Back was on that list. It is my #1 must be played wedding song for any and every wedding I attend and as such, most certainly had to be played at mine !

Now, I never mentioned when, this song should be played, and never expected it, when it was played lol. You see, my Princess Baby Daddy decided that the perfect time to play this song, was right after she said ” and you may kiss the bride ” ! So yes, I had my wedding kiss to the best song ever, and it made our wedding even more perfect than I ever could have imagined, as well as a memory that no one will ever forget !

And so with that, I give you the most romantic version of Baby Got Back in existence !

Chester See – Baby Got Back (Cover)


The Bearded Guy – Lustfulness – Booty Paradise @ Kinky Event

~ POSE ~

Amitie – Last Tango @ Kinky Event

~ WORN ~

  • Kaitlyn

Body : Legacy Body – Pregnant
Head : Catwa – Catya
Body Skin : The Skinnery – Bom Body – PREGGO – Round toffee
Head Skin : DeeTaleZ – Heidi – Eastern
Hair : Limerence – Lynette Hair-Naturals RARE @ Lootbox
Top : Asteria – Maya Top
Pants : Little Diamond – Lisa Pants @ Kinky Event
Rings : Yummy – Adel Rings

  • Phillip

Body : Signature – Gianni
Head : LeLutka – Skyler
Skin : LeLutka – Skyler
Hair : Stealthic – Baron
Tattoo : Speakeasy – Flying High
Facial Hair : Alantori – Trimmed
Ears : PUMEC – Comrade
Pants : Cold Ash – Alessio Trousers
Necklace : INFINITY – Luca Choker
Ring : Ysoral – Luxe Wedding Ring – Evan
Watch : RealEvil – Per Sempre Watch
Bracelet : Remezzo – April Group Gift

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