#187 – Oh Baby Daddy

Me : You busy?
Cori : Nope
Me : Okay good wanna come over and sit on my face ?
Cori : Sure !

And just like that, no questions asked and no assumptions made, she popped on over and sat on my face ! This is what our amazing friendship is based on. Trust, fuckery and a whole lot of shenanigans !

When Cori and I first met, we broke Orgy furniture together and since that day we have never again attempted to play together sexually in any fashion other than good wholesome hysterical fun. There was an incident at a wedding involving a naked elvis and a My Little Pony .. but that story was for Facebook !

Last year when I was pregnant with the twins, the baby daddy and I had broken up and I was all kinds of upset at being pregnant and single because of course my mind had already played out the ” we are a happy family ” movie. So one night, in the middle of her live show on stage she just says ” Ya know what.. who needs a fucking man.. I will be your Baby Daddy ! ” and so she has been and she is the best one ever. She now shares that with Phillip, as he has taken over as Daddy to the twins just as if they were his own and life is good. When we got married, he was sure to tell Cori that she would always be the Baby Daddy.

So while other best friends call each other Bestie, and Wifey , and I have a couple of these too * waves to Melly and Jenny * , Cori is my Baby Daddy.

As for any questions about which team I may be hitting for, the answer is simple.. I am not attracted to a specific set of genitalia, I am attracted to brains, the equipment doesn’t play a part in the attraction. My brain is my largest sexual organ, if you can’t stimulate that, you have no chances of getting far with any other part of my anatomy !


Onsu – Eggplant Skybox
Cheeky Pea – Los Robles London Art
Cheeky Pea – Repurposed Screen
Alouette – Entertainment Center
Fapple – Anna Arkadyevna Karenina
Fapple – (not so) Gentle Woman’s Valet
Fapple – BDSM Tool Box GROUP GIFT
also Known as – Hercules Chaiselongue
Nerenzo – bamboo – milano
PILOT – Adult Toy Box LI:1
Bazar – Stockholm – Bedroom Rug
ARIA – Savannah Roman Blinds
InsurreKtion – The Secret Briefcase – Open

~ POSE ~

CuCa Designs – Sweet Delight @ Pose Fair After Dark

~ WORN ~

Body : Legacy Body – Pregnancy
Head : LeLutka – Nova
Skin : 7 Deadly Skins – Akyla – Pineapple
Hair : Truth – Lake
Choker : Cae – Protected
Rings : Yummy – Adel Rings
Nails : RatzCatz – Bento FingerNails
Lingerie – Ricielli – Cameron – Blue

I have no clue what Cori was wearing, I was too distracted to ask ! But you can totally check out her blog and I am sure you can figure it out !

A Purple Flower

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