#208 – Little Sister

I have siblings, I just happen to share more than just a bedroom with them. This is how I explain our DiD System. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. For me it feels like the easiest way to explain sharing a body with 8 other people. Once people get a grasp on that, then comes the more complicated explanations. The big one that people have trouble coming to terms with is that we are not all female, like our body is. The other is that we are not all adults. Our system is comprised of three younger ones.

While Beth, Prin, Angie and myself are able to interact with the real life world nearly unnoticed as being anything but the same person, Oree and Beka are a bit harder to sneak past without notice. Emme being only three, does not have in body time.

Of all of our younger parts, Oree has the most experience with being in the body, both with a co-driver and on her own. This makes her being only six years old, a little bit easier due to her own experience over the years. She knows that she can not just take over whenever she pleases because she can not blend in as seamlessly as us older girls do. For the most part, Oree’s time in the body is spent at home, where she can just be herself, tho it does limit the experiences she can have. She has relented that it is best not to try and front while we are out and about in public, as that also throws the anxiety levels of others in our system in to high gear. There have been moments where Oree has been in control of the body when it was not convenient, and she has had her own experience with driving which was a harrowing experience for everyone involved, tho it was extremely brief, and she did quite well considering.

The reality of having younger parts is not as dramatic or life altering as it may seem. For Oree, it means that there is always chocolate pudding and graham crackers in the kitchen, a fully stocked playlist on Netflix, How to Train You Dragon is a popular choice lol, and she does come to Second Life as well to spend time with trusted friends, play games or watch movies.


LISP – Lilac Thistle Living Room Set
Sways – Rea Curtain – Floor Length

~ POSE ~

Custom made with AnyPose

~ WORN ~

  • Oree

Body : Bebe – Youth
Head : Catwa – Braisers
Skin : The Skinnery – Alicia – Honey
Hair : Limerence – July Hair
Glasses : GOS – SCT
Top : Mia Bebe – Nella Top – Buck
Shorts : Mia Bebe – Nella Shorts – Faded

  • Kaitlyn

Body : Legacy Body – Pregnancy
Head : LeLutka – Nova
Skin : The Skinnery – BOM Body – Preggo – Round Toffee
Freckles : The Skinnery – BOM Body – Freckles Light
Freckles : Izzies – Heavy Freckles
Hair : Truth – Daphne
Glasses : Deep Static – Oliver Glasses
Top : Addams – Be Free Outfit – Group Gift
Shorts : Addams – Be Free Outfit – Group Gift
Sandals : Reign – Tangy Sandals
Tattoo : Kira Tattoo – Nerges @ Ebento Event
Backpack : LeLoup – String It Back @ Sense Event

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