#296 – All Work and More Play

As most are aware, blogging is not the only hat that we wear in SL. Being owners of Music Speaks Management with Troy Nelson is something that Beth, Prin and I have had the extreme pleasure of being a part of for the last 2 years. Managing live performers in SL quite resembles attempting to herd feral cats, and requires degrees in juggling, time management and customer service skills. That all being said, we all find the work that goes into what we have built more than worth the effort.

We are insanely blessed to be able to manage some of the most talented, forgiving, insane, perverted and good hearted performers on the grid. You can find out more about all of them on the Music Speaks Management website, and also find out when you can catch them at a show too !

We are a family, and that makes work feel like play.

~ POSE ~

CuCa Designs – Good Times @ Pose Fair
CuCa Designs – Kryo

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