#333 – What The Girls Want

When it comes to life with the girls, what they want, they generally get within reason. Sometimes they get more than they should, but I think that is true of all kids, DiD or not. Ours just have the same access to credit card information, tho they are generally more well behaved than to use it, over the years there have been occasions lol. Oree has driven the car before, and we are all happy to have survived the experience.

Our girls have body time once a week, and they are more than happy to watch something on Disney+ or play games with Caleb or Phillip in world. They have even taken field trips with Troy on occasion. They enjoy SL on a limited basis and love getting fun new pets or silly things to play with. Hard to pass up a unicorn car, maybe Oree will do better with this one !


CMYK – 10. I Want You
777 Motors – Anne – UNICORN Edition @ GALA Event
BackBone – Unicorn Dreams & Snuggles Cushion

~ POSE ~

OG – Pose Pack 1

~ WORN ~

  • Oree

Bebe – Youth Body
Catwa – Baisers
The Skinnery – Alicia
Magika – A Perfect Mess
Cherry Tot – Roxy – Purple
GOS – Custom eyewear – SCT
Bowtique – Unicorn Headband

  • Beka

Bebe – Youth Body
Catwa – Steffi
Catwa – Steffi
Truth – Kitten
Cherry Tot – Youth Fitted Overalls – Unicorn
ZFoo x Orangerie – Clochette Fairy
Bowtique – Unicorn Headband

  • Emme

Bebe – Youth Body
ToddleeDoo – Betho Mesh Head – Alice
BioBaby – Arthur II
Wasabi Pills – Missy Hair
Cherry Tot – Romi
Mia – Saddie Sneaks
Abrasive – Unicorn Pony Plush

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