#335 – Single AF

Objects and people on Flickr are not always what they may appear. We all hear that pictures say a thousand words, and that pictures are proof of whatever. Well, I have to tell you that pictures lie just as frequently as people do. Sometimes its just a little photoshop smudge and blur to cover up a glitch, other times its two people posed in a couple pose who are not a couple ! Sometimes it is objects used not as they were originally intended. As we often say never judge a book by it’s cover, you should also never judge a person on their Flickr stream.

In this photo the really cute particle hearts in the background are from Birth for the SL Valentines Shop & Hop, except they are actually intended to be worn on your chest so your hearts poof from your chest. When I tried to take the picture with them as intended, they obscured the photo in a way that made me unhappy but I really wanted to show them off, so I got a little creative and rezzed them instead of wearing and let them fill the air with the love.

The large bottle of Love Option from Chic Chica is intended to be a hand held item but it comes with a resize script that allowed me to blow it up into a much larger dose. I love objects that allow me to use them in whatever creative way crosses my mind as a photographer. Modify is your friend !


The Bearded Guy – Luci – Nesflis & Chill
MEMOIRE – Lori Decor Poodle #006
ChicChica – Love Potion
BIRTH – Heart Flurries Particle Emitter @ SL Shop & Hop
ChicModa – Anti-Valentine’s Pillows @ Happy Weekend

~ POSE ~

Lush Poses – Heart Puff

~ WORN ~

Legacy Body – Female
LeLutka – Lilly
BIRTH – Tara
Moon Hair – Noeky
Divah Style – 116 @ Up Event
Carol G – Cora Tattoo
Deep Static – Oliver Glasses

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